Today I review a fairly recent movie about Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren.

Its called The Girl...


Here's the trailer:

Now, this movie is pretty much based off of word of mouth and since Hitchcock is not currently living we don't know whats true and what isn't. Anyway heres what its about: A look at the relationship between filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and actress Tippi Hedren. Apparently Hitchcock had a thing for ice cold blondes and was seriously obsessive over Ms. Hedren. Fair warning: They make this movie about as creepy as can be!!! Seriously, Its, almost scary as Hitchcock's sense of humor in the film and was really dark and kind of vulgar. I just wondered if he was really like this in real life.

There was this one scene in a car where he says, And I bold it where in the movie he emphasized these words! There once was a man from NanTUCKET.

Whose COCK was so long he could SUCK IT. And he said with a grin As he wiped off his chin, If my ear were a cunt, I would FUCK IT.

I just stopped and spit out all of my water....I had to replay it and listen to make sure I heard it right. I was all like who the firetruck says this? Like really? Creepy...and nasty.


I wonder. First of all she was grateful for being cast in his movie and his wife( WHO WAS UMBRIDGE FROM HARRY FREAKING POTTER! OMG!)...sorry; was pretty much just there. I can't help but wonder if Mr. Hitchcock had affairs and if he did did his wife know about it and just not care? Apparently the two didn't even consummate their marriage until a year later...if that doesn't say anything... Anyway the movie was okay. I was taken aback by jump scares though...thanks for that movie...I spilled good water all over my bed. Though throughout the movie she was kind of misleading(Tippi) Maybe the talk was just different back then or something but saying, "I will be putty in your hands..." is kind of asking a man to take it the wrong, "I will do anything you want on screen and off for this job." Even though in the movie she didn't want anything like that. Also, my thoughts immediately went to the term casting couch...


And then coming to his house for drinks and pretty much being alone with him(Mr. Hitchcock) was actually pretty creepy to me.. No offense but in this day and age I would not sit and have glasses of wine with my boss. I would feel too uncomfortable. Then the whole scene with the birds was just unbearable. I just tried to imagine myself in her shoes...I mean apparently he blacklisted her career too. So, if I knew that a man would do something like that I would pretty much curse him out... Unfortunately, Mr. Hitchcock has a knack for making great films so certainly someone so talented has to have their downsides right? On another note: This is the guy who played Alfred Hitchcock...


He generally has the look down but still I just can't picture him being Alfred Hitchcock, maybe I'm just stubborn. Anyway if you get the chance I would watch it. Nothing like a good controversy right? It was interesting, creepy, and a pretty good watch, but my question is how much of it is real?

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